Zlatni Collection

Our process uses techniques which were developed over 300 years ago, before the advent of pigment for stains or paints. Each of our custom colors takes between 7-9 steps to produce, which replicate the true chemical weathering process that wood experiences in nature. Each step of the process creates a physical change inside the wood on a molecular level. The chemical reactions which take place, such as the oxidation of metallic minerals embedded within the cellular structure of the tree, actually change the physical properties of the wood. In fact, it actually becomes harder and denser, which adds to the durability of the material. Since there is no stain or paint used, you won’t see that artificial, manufactured, uniform look that most wood floors have today. This material is also finished using a natural oil, which penetrates into the wood instead of sitting on the surface. This accentuates the natural grain and texture of the wood, and as the oil cures naturally within the wood’s pores, it hardens to create a strong surface but allows for easy repairs. Normal wear on the oil finished surface actually adds to the genuine, natural look. Any scratches are easily fixed using a very fine sandpaper and some oil without changing the color.