Polyurethane Cleaner

    Directions for use:

    1.Remove mop cloth from mop head (if applicable). Thoroughly rinse mop cloth with warm water, fold and wring out as dry as possible. Hold mop cloth in both hands and flap vigorously to shake free any loose fibers. Replace mop cloth onto mop head.

    2. Lightly spray 2-3 sprays of PID Floor Cleaner directly onto mop cloth (cleans approximately 2.3 m2 or 25ft2) DO NOT spray cleaner directly on floor, as streaking will occur. In smooth continuous “S” motion, sweep mop up and down lenth of floor, within comfortable reach.

    3. As mop starts to leave dry spots on floor, lift mop head and look for dirt and particle build up. If dirt persists, clean mop and begin again. If no dirt or particles are visible, apply another 2-3 sprays onto mop head and continue cleaning floor from where you left off. Continue process of cleaning,inspecting and re-applying PID Floor Cleaner until entire floor area is cleaned.

    4. Once floor is clean, remove mop cloth from mop head, rinse clean with warm water and hang to dry before storing cloth. Store bottle in upright position. Do not allow PID Floor Cleaner to freeze. If freezing occurs, allow cleaner to warm up to room temperature before use. Note: Use only PID Floor Cleaner on PID Floors. Specially formulated neutral cleaner will not harm floors. Use of non-recommended cleaners with high pH content will damage floors and may void warranty. PRECAUTIONS: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not breathe spray mists. Do not spray directly towards face or other people. Do not mix any other chemical. Avoid eye, skin or clothing contact. If in eyes: Rinse with water for 15 minutes. Keep container closed and store in a cool location.


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