• Vegetable oil based
    • Prevent oiled wooed from drying
    • Solvent and abrasive free
    • Ideal for frequent cleaning of oiled wood

    The cleaner was developed especially for frequent maintenance of an oiled wood. The care you bring to your floor will allow you to preserve the beauty for years to come.


    Dust off the oiled surface on a weekly basis with a microfiber cloth or vacuum clean.

    Spray a little of cleaner and wipe thoroughly with a dry and clean cloth.

    For tough stains, pour a small quantity of cleaner on a wet cloth and rub lightly. Always wipe thoroughly.

    Note: Extra fluid can seep into the floor and damage the wood. It is therefore important not to vaporize excessive amounts of cleaner or other liquid on the floor surface. In addition, the use of a dirty cover can leave streak marks on the floor. Just replace it with a clean cover and wash soiled cover in the washing or drying cycle.


    Freeze/thaw stable. If frozen, allow to thaw before using. Do not store above 120°F (49°C).



    Water, Coconut oil Diethanolamine, Sodium Chloride.

    As the conditions in which our product is used are beyond our control, we can only guarantee that it fully complies with our standards of quality and that the responsibility of the manufacturer, if applicable, is limited to the purchase price of the product.


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