Environmental Roundtable Discussion 2022

October 18, 2022
At the beginning of 2022, PID Floors began the initial dreaming and organizing stages of what would become our Environmental Roundtable Discussion 2022. Our inspiration was the United Nations’ World Environment Day, a day dedicated to encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment.
It was our hope to gather a multidisciplinary panel of experts together at PID Floors for a spirited conversation about the urgent topics regarding the environment and sustainability in the hardwood flooring, architecture, and design industries, and far beyond.
On October 13th 2022, we proudly hosted the PID Floors Environmental Roundtable Discussion 2022 at our flagship showroom, 5 West 20th Street in Manhattan.
It was a day and conversation beyond our wildest dreams.
As a company that strives to be a leader in our industry and also in the evolution of sustainability practices, this wide-ranging discussion with our incredible panel exceeded every one of our hopes and expectations. We were astounded by the level of knowledge, thoughtfulness, and candor shared by each of our panelists. We were left with a sense of reinvigorated purpose and inspiration to continue our mission as a company. 
We would like to extend a huge thank you to our esteemed group of guests that participated in our panel. Each of you individually made a profound contribution to our incredible discussion and we were so honored that you joined us in conversation:
John Forbes, NWFA
Keith Christman, Decorative Hardwoods Association, formally HPVA
Dana Cole, Hardwood Federation
Joseph Klaynberg, Wonder Works
Anna Laura Bariletti, Capri Holdings
Andrew Graceffa, SOCOTEC
Florence Reed, Director of Sustainable Harvest International
Ilya Meltser, PID Floors VP Sales Operations
Susan Kaplan, HLW
Karen Asprea, Designer and Owner of Karen Asprea Studio
Joel B. Cutler, Attorney
Josh Hosen, Capital Testing
Tom Kain, FSC
Thank you also to our amazing PID employees without whom we couldn’t have pulled off this event! A special thank you to Marvin Riggins for being such a wonderful panel moderator and to our indelible Sustainability Coordinator, Olivia Fiallo.
Our Sustainability Mission
We created the PID Floors Green Initiative in an effort to make our products and company achieve sustainable practices in an industry that is constantly evolving. Our current sustainable model includes supporting our corporate partners, Sustainable Harvest International and American Forests, maintaining FSC certification, and educating ourselves and our clients on environmental needs within the hardwood floor industry.
We believe Earth Day could and should be every day. We are rigorously committed to the ongoing health, protection, and well-being of both our clients and the environment. 
HERE you will find informative material on important and trending environmental topics in the Wood Flooring Industry.
Proud Corporate Partners of
Later that same night we hosted the AN Design Showroom Crawl 2022! It was a busy, happy, and full day at PID Floors! We invite you to explore photos of the Design Showroom Crawl.



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