Embracing Both Tradition and Sustainability. Illuminating the Natural Details of Wood.

Our Chêne Collection showcases the beautiful natural details of wood by employing the traditional Live Sawn Cut. Originating in Europe, Live Sawn, also known as “European Cut” or “French Cut” is one of the earliest and most historic methods of milling. It is also the most sustainable, due to the fact that it utilizes the entire log with very little waste. In Live Sawn wood milling, the entire log is cut straight through in one slice from top to bottom. The resulting long straight cut planks are extremely durable and also especially beautiful because they illuminate the entire life of each individual tree. Every plank reveals the tree’s unique visual attributes such as cathedral graining—due to the tree’s growth rings, mineral streaks, knots, and many other naturally occurring variations. Every floorboard tells a story about the life of a tree.