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For over three decades, PID Floors has earned a reputation as a leader in the hardwood flooring industry, offering extraordinary products—unrivaled in variety and accessibility—and exceptional service. Our relentless dedication to knowledge, expertise, innovation, and ease of service from start to finish, all stems from a deep love for what we do and a true desire to make all of our customers’ flooring design dreams become a reality. 

PID Floors was founded in 1989 by a family from Ukraine, who arrived in the United States with only a sanding machine and a shared dream. Undaunted by a new culture and a new language, they believed that with an unwavering dedication to hard work, love, and exquisite craftsmanship—truly anything is possible. 

This ethos is the foundation upon which PID Floors was built and which continues to be our philosophy over 30 years and three generations later. PID Floors remains a family-run company that prides itself in treating each of our clients like an old beloved friend: we are family and so are you. This deeply instilled ethic of authentic personal service combined with the promise of a high-quality product creates an exceptional and trusted quality of experience; this has allowed us to continuously satisfy the needs and tastes of our discriminating clients and maintain our position as one of the most respected wood flooring companies in the world.

The PID Floors Difference

Our mantra at PID Floors has always been “Something For Everyone.” We give customers effortless access to the best selection of products from around the world. We consider ourselves a meticulously curated one-stop shop—we carry over 700 standard items in our inventory, most of which are stocked locally for quick delivery. For many years we have traveled the globe, in pursuit of finding the best materials and remain passionately committed to continuously seeking out the best as our industry evolves. Complete with full-bespoke capabilities, we believe in truly “having it all,” and making it easily accessible for our customers. This is why we have become a trusted and respected institution for architects, designers, developers, and homeowners.


Wood flooring will perform best when the interior environment is controlled to stay within a Relative Humidity range of 35-55% and a Temperature range 60-80° F. During the winter heating season, Relative Humidity levels plummet and extra care must be taken to maintain an adequate environment for your wood flooring to perform optimally, i.e. without failure. Nearly every wood floor will have some seasonal separation between the individual boards – this is normal. However, excessive shrinkage from low RH levels can cause more serious, irreparable issues like cracking, cupping, delamination, and even buckling. This can be prevented by using a humidifier during the cold winter months.

Oak Disclaimer

 Wood is a natural product. The wood floor you have purchased will contain numerous natural characteristics, as well as variation in graining and color tones, depending on the Grade of wood purchased. Even in Select grades, variations will occur from plank to plank. In Light Character grade, you will see knots and other natural characteristics, different color tones, and sapwood. In Character and Heavy Character grades, you can expect to see larger knots, cracks, and other natural features, along with unlimited variations and imperfections. No single sample, sample board, or full bundle of material can exhibit the full range of characteristics that an entire floor order will contain.

Walnut Disclaimer

American Black Walnut is one of the softest hardwood species, as measured by the Janka Hardness Scale, the accepted industry standard for measuring a wood’s hardness and density. Walnut has a Janka Rating of 1010, which is approximately 22% softer than Red Oak, the industry’s benchmark. This may result in more dents from footwear, dropped or dragged items, or other forces of impact.


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Beyond a Showroom
PID Floors has elevated our operation and expanded our influence beyond that of a typical flooring showroom:

We have developed a first-class logistics network with the capability of shipping to and from locations throughout the globe. We own and operate our own local warehouses and distribution centers, complete with fully functional storage, packing, and delivery capabilities. Every step is “in-house.” We are committed to working with our customers, hand in hand and will be there every step of the way, avoiding the intermediary. From start to finish—from selection to delivery—you will be dealing with us and only us and can expect superior white glove service throughout.

Insightful Staff
For over three decades, we have focused our collective efforts entirely on hardwood flooring. This focus has honed our ability to guide our clients to their ideal flooring selection. Over the years we’ve built our team around this core notion while encouraging each member to contribute a unique perspective that will help service our customers’ diverse needs.Today, our staff includes:
LEED Green Associates , Trained Interior Design Experts , National Wood Flooring Association Certified Inspectors,  American Institute of Architects Instructors, Hardwood Federation Lobbyists , Environmental Specialists in Sustainable Building

Thoughtful Service
At PID Floors we are committed to offering our customers the very best, but we do not believe in elitism. We are a family-owned and run business and pride ourselves in treating each client like a beloved friend: we are family and so are you. We believe in expertise combined with friendliness. We invite you to visit our showrooms; feel free to bring your children or dog, too. Take your time browsing: we offer refreshments like water, coffee, or a glass of wine. Enjoy free Wi-Fi access and a baseball game on TV and don’t be surprised when our entire staff greets you by name.

A Commitment to giving back
We love New York City; this is our home. We believe in being an active part of our community and in using our business to make a positive impact. It is our privilege to be able to contribute our time, materials, and funds to amazing organizations such as: George To The Rescue, YJP, City Harvest, Central Park Conservancy, NY Cares, New York Landmarks Conservancy, American Forests, Chabad Center for Jewish Discovery, Philip Berley Preschool of the Arts.

PID Floors 30 Year Anniversary Video

PID is celebrating three decades of hard work, love, and craftsmanship and we are so excited to share with you our 30 year anniversary video!