Featured in HC&G and NYC&G

October 20, 2023

We were honored to have PID Floors featured in the October issues of both HC&G and NYC&G which celebrate the beauty of Linda Fargo’s newly renovated home in The Hamptons.



In Orient, the fashion executive trains her gimlet eye on a diamond in the rough.
“Driftwood appears in abundance throughout Fargo’s home, and its shades of gray establish the overall palette, from the “sauna-like” bathrooms clad in ceramic tile to the PID flooring, which she chose for its “untamed and essentially rather wild” quality… Fargo’s home in the city is decked out in leopard, zebra, and all things exotic and fanciful, but her goal in the country was to show restraint and keep the spirit, like Orient itself, as “decidedly casual, functional, hearty, imperfect, and natural.”
“Never underestimate the effect aesthetics have on how people feel,” she says, a mantra she puts to good use at her weekend getaway in Orient. “Aesthetics matter!”
Project: Linda Fargo’s Orient, New York Home
Product: Elsinore, Rocklin, & Elkville
Read the full article HERE.
See the online quick tour HERE.

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