Introducing Imagine It…


Introducing Imagine It… 
This simple and innovative online tool allows you to see PID Floors in YOUR space. Visualizing what types, styles, and colors of hardwood floors would realistically look like in your space could not be any easier. 
The first step is to upload a room image. The Imagine It tool works on your phone or computer and allows you to either: 
-Take a live photo from your cellphone directly from the Imagine It page 
-Use a photo from your existing photo library on your phone 
-Or choose a photo saved on your computer 
Once your room photo has been uploaded, you’ll be ready to let your design imagination run wild!  
Pick and choose any hardwood floors you desire and experience what your flooring choices would look like installed in your specific space. You will also have the ability to share your choices with others or to download the images you love for yourself. 
Start to Imagine It 

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