Loading the Truck with PID Floors


So many talented and dedicated individuals help us get PID Floors delivered to where they need to be; we are so grateful. We wanted to share some behind-the-scenes photos of the delivery process with you—our hardwood floors being loaded onto a truck on a blustery winter’s day in Minnesota.   
We are proud to be more than just a showroom. PID Floors has elevated our operation and expanded our influence beyond that of a typical flooring showroom:   
-We have developed a first-class logistics network with the capability of shipping to and from locations throughout the globe. 
-We own and operate our own local warehouses and distribution centers, complete with fully functional storage, packing, and delivery capabilities.  Every step is “in-house.” 
-We are committed to working with our customers, hand in hand and will be there every step of the way, avoiding the intermediary. From start to finish—from selection to delivery—you will be dealing with us and only us and can expect superior white glove service throughout. 


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