Lunch & Learn with Marin Architects - NYC

April 13, 2023     

Lunch & Learn with Marin Architects 

We were thrilled to offer our NWFA CourseSpecifying the Right Wood Flooring for the Jobas a Lunch & Learn for Marin Architects at their New York City office. 

With offices in both NYC and New Orleans, Marin Architects believes “Great design puts people at its center.” They partner with design clients “to explore your vision for your project, including unspoken needs and imagined possibilities. These become woven into our subsequent design through a process that balances form, function, and external constraints.” We spent an amazing afternoon with this inspiring firm discussing the joy of design, collaboration, and the endless possibilities of hardwood floors. 

For over three decades, we have focused our efforts solely on hardwood flooring which gives us a unique and exceptional level of expertise and we love being able to share that knowledge with you. We are proud to offer AIA, NWFA, USGBC | GBCI Continuing Education courses as well as our own PID Floors courses. All courses are available online or as in-person presentations!    

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