PID Floors Wins The Wood Floor Business Outstanding Retailers Award 2022

July 25, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that PID Floors was chosen as one of the 2022 Outstanding Retail Award Winners by Wood Floor Business magazine! This year’s award theme was “Showcasing Resilience” and we are honored to be listed as one of the top five wood floor companies in North America. We couldn’t be more proud!  

The Wood Floor Business Outstanding Retailers Awards was designed to honor the best of the best in hardwood flooring retail. Among our many attributes we were chosen for our “impeccable wood flooring retail business strategy and a staff who go above and beyond for clients.” 

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Wood Floor Business: Empowering Wood Flooring Professionals 

Year founded: 1989

Number of employees: 28

Locations: 6 showrooms, 2 distribution centers and pro shops

PID Floors has become synonymous with luxury wood flooring in the upper echelon of New York City real estate—and, more recently, in Boston and Miami, as well. But no matter who you are or how small your project is, the company’s doors are open, says Managing Partner Steven Skutelsky. “Luxury without elitism” is a motto the company adheres to, and it comes from its own humble beginnings in the industry. “My family came from absolutely nothing,” says Skutelsky, whose grandfather, father and uncle immigrated from Ukraine and founded the business in 1989. “So I think that I very much appreciate what my family started, and it’s important for me to keep those sorts of inclusive ideas at play.”

The company has continued to carry solely wood flooring over the years, and when it comes to which product lines they offer, PID makes sure they are products they stand by 100%. “We can’t display things in our showroom that we hope are going to work,” Skutelsky says. “That’s not feasible for us.”

They’ve established tight-knit relationships with European manufacturers who help keep PID up to date on trends and new products. Along with their luxury wood flooring offerings, the company stands out from other high-end retailers by offering the basics, as well. “We’re very down-to-earth,” Skutelsky says. “If an installer needs a bucket of glue, I’m not going to say, ‘Hey, go to The Home Depot or Lowe’s.’”

To maintain control over as many aspects of the process as possible and ensure it’s offering impeccable customer service, PID Floors operates its own warehouses and its own trucking operations, Skutelsky says. When the company expanded with stunning showrooms in the Boston and Miami markets, Skutelsky says he relied a great deal on the experienced staff he had assembled. “Before we move into new markets, we kind of just try to grow within the company,” he says. “There’s definitely no way you can expand without an incredible staff who are way smarter than you and way more knowledgeable about certain things.”

To keep up with client needs, the company also emphasizes education in green initiatives and sustainable flooring options, putting together informational packets for clients and hosting roundtable discussions with designers and architects to discuss sustainability.

When it comes to the company’s keys to success, Skutelsky says it comes back to a method his father, uncle and grandfather practiced in 1989: listening with an open door. “I think when that client walks in, just stop what you’re doing and just focus on that one client, and it’s just going to work,” Skutelsky says. “Sometimes we think we know more than the customer, when we just need to listen.”

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