Q&A with our Corporate Partners: American Forests

February 22, 2022


We recently spoke with our friends and corporate partners at American Forests. To learn more about the amazing work that we are doing together and the importance of having a scientific approach to the environment, check out our Q&A Session!


PID Floors: What is the main goal of American Forests?

American Forests: American Forests envisions a world in which the significant environmental, societal, and economic benefits of forests are fully realized and equitably available to all people.

PID Floors: What can people do in their everyday lives to support American Forests’ goal? Are there any lifestyle changes or small everyday changes we can make?

American Forests: There are many different ways to get involved with the work American Forests  does and learn how you can help. You can find those on our website!

PID Floors: Looking back five years, what is American Forests most proud of?

American Forests: Since bringing on our CEO, Jad Daley, in 2018, American Forests has been able to grow tremendously, increasing our capacity to make meaningful change in large landscapes and urban forests.

PID Floors: Looking forward five years, what are some important topics Americans Forests may want to focus on?

American Forests: Our goals for 2030 are:

  1. 1. Trillion trees have been conserved, restored and grown around the world.
  2. 2. 20 million acres of public land have been reforested by planting and regenerating more than 6 billion trees.
  3. 3. To have 100 American cities achieve Tree Equity by taking action to assure every neighborhood has a passing Tree Equity by taking action to  assure every neighborhood has a passing Tree Equity Score.
  4. 4. 100,000 people, particularly from marginalized communities, have newly entered careers in forestry.

PID Floors: How many trees has American Forests planted in the lifetime of the organization?

American Forests: American Forests has planted more than 65 million trees.

PID Floors: What is the wildest sustainability statistic you have learned since working at American  Forests?

American Forests:

  1. -More than 25% of our carbon dioxide emissions are captured by America’s forests and wood products annually, catalyzed by forest conservation and climate smart forestry.
  2. -Trees and soil within forests absorb rainfall and melted Nearly 55% of America’s drinking water originates from forests.

PID Floors: We noticed the American Forests’ website focuses a lot on species. What species do you  find are most at risk and what are some ways we can help?

American Forests: In every ecosystem, there are keystone species that hold together the ecosystem in which they live. Whether it be thorn forests in the Rio Grande Valley, White Oak Trees in the mid-west, or White Bark Pine trees in the northwest, all of these trees have a vital role to play in supporting their ecosystem, and all of these trees are threatened by various elements. American Forests leads scientific research to restore forest health through climate-smart methods, such as spacing seedlings to mimic natural tree regrowth after wildfire. We are also working to create detailed models to project how various forest management actions affect carbon capture and storage. And with demand for planting trees skyrocketing, we have studied the challenges of ramping up production among the nation’s tree nurseries.


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