World Environment Day


“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky.” ~ Khalil Gibran

 At PID Floors, we certainly agree. Trees in our concrete jungle do more than beautify our neighborhoods. They provide us with a wide range of benefits from noise reduction, important support to NYC wildlife, and reductions in carbon dioxide and air pollutants.  We hold our green responsibility seriously for nature replenishment. As a responsible member of both the Forestry community and the Hardwood Industry, which values and thrives on the production of trees, we strive to create beautiful hardwood floors sourced from trees cultivated in sustainably managed and certified forests across the world.

PID Floors is proud to be a contributing member of the Central Park Conservancy, which provides for the maintenance and care of the green heart and lungs of New York City, Central Park.  Donate today:

PID Floors encourages its community of designers, homeowners and trade professionals to help transform New York’s environment by either adopting a tree, or caring for a park tree one by enrolling in the free program for your neighborhood or street at Million Trees NYC .

Adopt at :

Sponsor a tree at :

Learn about  city’s green infrastructure, most dense green neighborhoods, urban green open spaces and find exciting recreational and educative events right in your city parks through the visual tools at NYRP.

Planting a tree is a rewarding endeavor. Learn, get interesting tips, facts and guidelines in the Tree Care Library to find

  • The right tree species
  • Tree Placement
  • Tree Care
  • How to properly water, mulch, prune, landscape
  • Maintain the area around newly planted and mature trees.

    Find how many of those beautiful trees are growing in your borough, neighborhood, street or backyard and how much ecological benefits they give back in an informative and interactive map format on the NYC’s Street Trees.

    Trees make one of the most crucial components in the urban parks and forest systems of New York City. They help manage the ecological health of all the green landscapes in the city and maintain the micro-climate of New York. Additionally, they offer financial benefits by aiding the Green Infrastructure in tackling system shortages during extreme weather events and help reduce the carbon footprint. Learn more about the benefits of trees to NYC 

    Benefits below are calculated using formulas from the U.S. Forest Service.  Learn more about the benefits of trees to NYC

    Storm water intercepted each year
    1,085,377,351 gallons Value: $10,745,230.35

    Energy conserved each year
    667,590,884 kWh Value: $84,279,933.06

    Air pollutants removed each year
    635 tons, Value: $6,639,471.86

    Carbon dioxide reduced each year
    612,100 tons, Value: $4,088,797.01

    Total Value of Annual Benefits: $109,842,256.23

     Let's be more mindful in doing our part and duty to replenish the vegetation in New York City for the greater cause and good of our Environment.

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