National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA)

The National Wood Flooring Association is a non-profit trade organization in lieu of the hardwood flooring industry. The NWFA is a pivotal marker of advancements in the industry as it helps to connect professionals from across the country, and a driver in setting industry standards. The NWFA has had and continues to have a positive influence on our company and we full-heartedly support the association.

PID Floors has been a member of the NWFA since our launch in 1989. We believe that this organization has helped us in creating strong business networks and has helped us in establishing a robust technical understanding of our profession. With the recent formation of their University, we have become fully immersed in the organization, once again. The NWFA is an important resource for us. We are excited to see how the association will grow in the future and look forward to being a part of it.


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