American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a network of over 90,000 architects who believe in “driving positive change through the power of design”. As part of their efforts in continuing to make the built environment more innovative, AIA provides continuing education courses to its members.

PID Floors is a proud provider of AIA CEUs. We have recently been approved to provide 1 CEU credit about Green Wood Floors. In addition we still offer the course Engineered Vs. Solid Wood for 1 CEU credit.

Green Wood Floors Course Description:

  • An overview of green wood floor options. What exactly does it mean for floors to be green? Understand the importance of green floors. Distinguish between concerns of adverse health impacts and impacts on the environment. Recognize national and international standards. Distinguish benefits between solid and engineered wood flooring covers. Learn to identify environmental attributes of different flooring options.

Engineered Vs. Solid Wood Course Description:

  • Understand the advantages of wood flooring. Gain a general understanding of the differences between engineered and solid wood floors. Understand the benefits and limitations of engineered and solid flooring. General knowledge of the installation process for both engineered and solid products. Maintenance of engineered and solid wood flooring.

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