Featured in "Floor Covering Weekly"


PID Floors was recently featured in Floor Covering Weekly's "Getting Creative With Hardwood!"

For Brett Miller, the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA)’s vice president of education and certification, wood is more akin to art than flooring. To install a hardwood floor, he believes a contractor not only needs the mechanical skills and trained expertise to finish a job, but an artistic eye to be successful. 

“The stuff people are doing with wood today is mind-blowing,” Miller told FCW, pointing out the... color experiments shepherded by Steven Skutelsky, managing partner of PID Floors. Added Miller, “Once anyone in our industry gets a taste for the craftsmanship behind wood, it’s almost like the beginning of a bad habit — you want to jump in and learn more, you can’t stop.” 

Changing the shape of the plank itself is also a timeless way to approach a novel wood design. A new launch from PID Floors this year included Angles. In collaboration with Caleb Anderson, co-founder of interior design studio Drake/Anderson, the collection was born out of an idea spurred by a project’s remaining chevron planks. But the company’s true bread and butter, explained Skutelsky, is reactive staining. 

“We use cocoa beans and vinegar. My family came from old-school Russian life so, when we moved to America, they brought over that craftsmen knowledge,” he continued, adding there’s a lot of trial and error happening at one of the company’s warehouses in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Right now, though, PID Floors is focused on supporting its installers — the people who assemble these floors and bring designs to life. “Our industry is going through a lot,” admitted Skutelsky, but shared he believes the industry will come back more inspired than before. 

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