To our devoted friends, colleagues, and partners from all around the world, I want to take this moment and place a spotlight, not just on our company and interests, but also on the challenging times we are facing. I would like to share some of my personal thoughts and feelings. And to express gratitude to the countless people working tirelessly on the front lines.

I am a New Yorker – I’ve lived here all my life, met my wife here, and started my family here. Our company was founded here over 30 years ago, and I can’t imagine a future away from New York City. Seeing what my city and my nation are going through brings me great pain. It brings feelings of fear, anxiety, and a loss of control. The control that I, and many others, may have taken for granted over the years, and perhaps have lost an appreciation for.

No question, this will be a trying time and will test us emotionally, physically, and mentally. But it also brings a sense of unity, a renewed feeling of strength and perseverance, because I know we will get through this, together. It is okay to be afraid and uncertain and it is okay to ask yourself and others, "when will this end?" I hope that once this is all behind us, and we restart our lives, we will have the humility to appreciate everything and everyone around us. 

During this time, while we are asked to stay home and distance ourselves from the people in our lives, by the very people who we are hoping will pull us out of this terror – the doctors, nurses, first responders, and authorities, I hope that, like myself, you’re staying safe and healthy and are able to surround yourselves with loved ones. We are a family business, and our family has been through a lot; each time we’ve come out stronger on the other side, and this latest challenge is no different.

All of us at PID Floors are here for you – our business is not shrinking in the face of this; I and my team will be here to answer your questions and concerns today, tomorrow, and every day all the way through the day that our Governor allows us to reopen our showrooms and welcome back our clients and friends. While we have all been placed on a pause in life, or rather yet, frozen in time, we are taking this opportunity to count our blessings, and plan for a better and brighter future, together.


With a heavy yet hopeful heart,

Steven Skutelsky



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