Well-Treated Collection

 The Well-Treated Collection embraces the craftsman traditions of smoking, fuming, and carbonizing wood. These natural and environmentally-friendly processes involve exposing wood to either heat (carbonizing), ammonia (fuming), or smoke. These treatments react with the tannins, sugars, and minerals found inside wood cells. It is this chemical reaction inside the wood’s molecular structure that changes the color of the wood, altering the color for the desired effect. Visually, these treatment processes preserve the unique look of each piece of wood in stark contrast to the process of staining wood, which can hide many of the beautiful and natural qualities found in wood. Treating wood also creates a through-wood coloring effect, meaning they will not get lighter with a scratch or nick, which makes these floors perfect for high-traffic areas. Chiseled edges, hand-scraping, distressing, and worn finishes all contribute to the softly rustic, but the elegant allure of the craftsman Well-Treated Collection