Species: American Walnut

Price: $11.68/SF

  • Construction: Engineered
  • Pattern: Plank
  • Joint: Tongue & Groove
  • Grade: Light Character
  • Cut: Plain Sawn
  • Surface: Lightly Brushed
  • Edges: Bevel
  • Treatment: Steamed | Reddish Stain
  • Finish: UV Poly
  • Gloss: Matte
  • Thickness: 9/16"
  • Width: 6"
  • Length: Random up to 75" (50% full length)
  • Wear Layer: 3mm
  • Packaging: 24.86 SF/Bundle
  • Cleaner: Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner
  • Installation:

    Maintenance and Care

  • Disclaimer: American Black Walnut is one of the softest hardwood species, as measured by the Janka Hardness Scale, the accepted industry standard for measuring a wood’s hardness and density. Walnut has a Janka Rating of 1010, which is approximately 22% softer than Red Oak, the industry’s benchmark. This may result in more dents from footwear, dropped or dragged items, or other forces of impact. For the end user, this can potentially result in higher maintenance costs, and/or visually imperfect flooring after some time. For more information on this, please contact your sales representative.
  • Raw Material Sourcing:

    Lacey Act Compliant
    FSC Certified on Request 

  • Indoor Air Quality / Emissions:

    CARB II Compliant (No Added Formaldehyde)

  • Green Building Initiatives Credits:

    LEED Potential Credits  
    MR- Credit 7 Certified Wood
    IEQ- Credit4.1 Low Emitting Materials Adhesives & Sealants
    EQ- Credit 4.4 Composite Wood and Agrifiber Products

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