PID Courses Wood Floors 101


    Wood Floors 101

    The first PID Floors course that offers general knowledge of wood floors.

    Through this cumulative course you will gain knowledge from both of our courses combined: “Engineered vs Solid Floors” and “Green Wood Floors.” This course teaches what makes a floor “green,” the importance of green flooring, an understanding of the concerns of adverse health and environmental impacts, the national and international standards for green flooring, the advantages of wood flooring, and green wood floor options.  Additionally, you will also gain an understanding of the differences between engineered and solid wood floors, the benefits and limitations of engineered and solid flooring, a general knowledge of the installation process for both engineered and solid floors, as well as the maintenance requirements for both types of flooring.

    Upon successful completion of the evaluation quiz, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.


    Course Contents: Slide show, Quiz & Evaluation



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