Hardwood Floor Cleaner

    Cleaning and maintenance of wooden floors lacquered or treated with oil

    Usage: Protecting the floor: Place felt mats under chairs and tables. Never place plants directly onto a wooden floor. Always use a pot stand or dish.

    Dry cleaning of the floor: Preferably remove loose dirt with a vacuum clearner. Any remaining grains of sand may cause scratches in the surface. The newly oiled floor should only be dry cleaned during the first 10 days.

    Wet cleaning of the floor: Mop persistent dirt away with wood clearner. Mix approximately 100 ml wood cleaner with 10 liters of clean water and clean the floor with a well squeezed mop. Allow the floor to dry competely before walking on it.

    Maintenance of an oiled floor: Depending on the inensity of use, treatment with hardwax oil must be carried out regularly in order to keep the floor in optimum condition. First thoroughly clean the floor with wood cleaner and allow it to dry completely.

    Declaration of ingredients (according to EC recommendations) <5% cationic surfactants, 5-15% non ionic surfactants.


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